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Our approach focuses entirely on U.S. Treasury bonds and their derivatives, particularly the bond ETFs TLT and IEF. This hyper-narrowed focus in analyzing the U.S. interest rate and bond environment has given us a spectacular edge, giving us the ability to stay one step ahead of the markets and consistently outperform.

Gain the edge you need to trade smarter.

We provide five tiers of bullish and bearish signals, varying in strength.

If you trade bond-related securities, a Bond Prophet membership is a must-have tool.
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Tier 4 bullish buy and sell signals triggered by our positional trading system.

Research-backed data you can rely on.

Our members have access to tools and data that increase their odds of placing a successful trade. Our probability distribution charts are based on our current forecast and over a decade of historical probability data.
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By keeping an eye on our Follow the Prophet portfolio, our members can see exactly how they can profit (and profit well) by following our trading system.
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Past success does sometimes mean future success.

We provide complete data on the past trades placed for our Follow the Prophet portfolio, so members can get a glimpse of the kind of results they can expect in the future.
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Tools that will elevate your trading success.

By using tools such as our free Kelly Criterion Calculator, or our premium members-only Optimal Trade Size Calculator, which is a calculator for finding the optimal trade size to maximize portfolio growth, our members can put themselves in the best position to trade successfully.

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Position Trading Strategy - Positional Trading System

How Does Our Position Trading System Work?

We use a combination of macroeconomic projections and fundamental and technical analysis to determine the entry and exit points with the highest probability of success and profitability. Therefore we follow both a quantitative and qualitative approach — we use our algorithmic models for position trading signals but before placing a trade we frame these signals within the current market environment. This position trading strategy has worked incredibly well for us in real-time during the last few years and through rigorous back-testing using over a decade of historical data.
Positional Trading System
Analyze and Assess

Our proprietary algorithms are continually analyzing macroeconomic factors and market data and searching for buy/sell signals dependent on our position trading strategy.

Place Timely Position Trades

Our algorithms alert you when a buy signal is triggered and you can place trades. Once a sell signal appears, you can close the position and collect the profit.


Our buy/sell signals often operate independently from overall market trends, in both trending and sideways markets, allowing outperformance in any environment.

Why Become A Member?

  • Easy to Follow: We cut through all the noise and simply tell you how bullish or bearish we are toward U.S. bonds and their derivatives, how we expect them to perform, and which position trades we recommend through our Follow the Prophet portfolio. Our trading system could also be labeled an option trading strategy, as most members take advantage of our system by trading options.
  • Save Yourself Time: Learning about trading, building your own position trading system, and then constantly researching the markets yourself to stay up-to-date on fundamentals and current market environments is an incredible time investment. By becoming a Bond Prophet member you can save yourself tons of time and give yourself the chance to spend your time doing other important things — like spending your profits.
  • Tiered Trading System: Each trader's appetite for risk varies according to his or her financial situation and outlook. A position trading strategy should be tailored to the trader's risk tolerance. Our trading system has multiple tiers of buy/sell signal strengths — allowing our members to choose which tiers to pay attention to, depending on their own preferences.
  • View and Assess Performance: Don't just take our word for it. Test our system out for yourself — use your Bond Prophet free trial to view our positional trading system performance in real-time. As a member you have the ability to view our position trading system in action, watch us post our Follow the Prophet positional trades, and assess our trading system and portfolio performance in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is position trading?
Position trading is a type of trading that attempts to profit off particular trends rather than short-term fluctuations.
How do position traders differ from day traders?
Position traders are different from day traders with the duration of their trades. Day traders do not leave positions open overnight (hence the term "day" trader). Position traders, on the other hand, do not impose any particular limitation on the amount of time they can hold an open position. Instead they will leave the position open until their trade hypothesis (the reason they initiated the trade) is either confirmed or rejected. That does not mean, however, that position traders will not have certain rules about when they must close out a position (in the case of a failed trade).
What is a position trading strategy?
A trading strategy, or trading system, is composed of a set of specific rules that guide one's trading, in terms of which securities to trade and defining the guidelines for entry and exit points, also known as trading signals. Our position trading system relies not only on technical indicators but also on fundamental and macroeconomic factors.
What types of securities do you trade in this system?
The Bond Prophet trading system focuses exclusively on U.S. Treasury bond-related derivatives, such as options of the ETFs iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond (TLT) and iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond (IEF).
Can other types of traders also use this trading strategy?
Having these data and tools at your disposal is only going to benefit you as a trader. However, the trade signals our system triggers are not meant to indicate short-term fluctuations, meaning day traders or scalpers will not usually be able to use our signals in their daily trading.
I'm new to trading. Is this a good trading system to start with?
Our trading system is excellent for beginners. Our interface is very intuitive and easy to understand. Beginning traders can also avoid the mad scramble experience of first trying to trade with real money by themselves, since most of our trade signals take time to develop, and because our excellent team at Bond Prophet will be able to lend assistance/advice whenever they request it.